Accurate monitoring of CH4 levels is an essential requirement for the safety and productivity of an underground coal mine. While most standard CH4 monitoring systems are designed for environments with extreme temperature or humidity, they generally work best in static conditions.

In dynamic conditions – typically encountered in double-door scenarios – where temperature or humidity levels change suddenly, a standard CH4 monitoring system may incorrectly identify the presence of methane, potentially shutting down machinery and leading to expensive down time.

To address these challenging conditions, Nautitech® has developed a new Hybrid Snout for the Methane Master CH4 monitoring and shutdown system. Working in collaboration with a major OEM, the Nautitech Hybrid Snout has been thoroughly field tested and proven to accurately identify the presence of CH4 in both static and dynamic conditions.

A common scenario where the Hybrid Snout is especially useful includes a machine operating in the intake side of double-doors, then crossing over to the return-air side. See the Product Information Card (PIC) below for more information on the behaviour of the Nautitech® Hybrid Snout versus other CH4 sensors on the market.

PIC – Hybrid Snout for Methane Master

This latest development in our CH4 sensor makes the Methane Master best in class for diesel or electric vehicle shutdown systems.

The Hybrid Snout will be included in new orders for the Methane Master but existing Methane Masters in the field can be easily upgraded to the new snout with upgraded software.

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