Nautitech Displays such as the HawkEye HD 3.5″, HawkEye Quad 7.0″ and the original HawkEye for Methane Master offer critical information and video at a glance providing visibility of underground environments where access to information is essential.

HawkEye HD 3.5″ and Quad 7.0″

Key features:

  • Fully compatible with Nautitech Cameras
  • Toggle between two cameras on a single display
  • Intel Quad Core with 4GB RAM (7″ display)
  • 3 USB ports for extended storage (7″ display)
  • LAN/Ethernet connectivity over TCP/IP (7″ display)
  • Optional Real Time Clock (7″ display)

HawkEye for Methane Master

Key features:

  • Fully compatible with the Nautitech Methane Master System
  • Compact Ex d enclosure with full colour graphics
  • Configurable to your layout preferences
  • Intuitive menu is quick and easy to use
  • Incorporates the RapidSense Ex ia CH4 sensor
  • RFID capable for driver licensing or tagging

Flameproof Enclosures

Nautitech’s Ex d certified enclosures come in three different sizes and can be used to house cameras, lights, junction boxes, low power electronic equipment, circuit breakers, power management units or control equipment. Other applications may include use as an engine management enclosure, a de-coupler enclosure, or junction box.

Key features:

  • Steel construction suited to harsh environments and hazardous areas
  • IP55 to IP66 (Ingress Protection Rating)
  • Multiple gland entries for flexible installation options
  • Flexible options for mounting internal componentry
  • Wide -20 to +60°C ambient temperature rating

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