The powerful Spitfire® Broadband Powerline Modem (BPLM) range offers reliable underground communications using pilot and power cores, promoting assisted automation and improved mining operations in complex environments underground.

At Nautitech® we know that one of the biggest challenges underground is communication between sites and the surface. Underground sites will continue to have fewer people and higher automation to minimise the danger to humans and maximise productivity.

Network challenges in underground mining include confined spaces, lack of GPS, explosive atmosphere, weak strata and complex mining machinery. As such, use of powerline for communications is best for underground, tethered vehicles. Our communication products are designed to use WiFi technology underground with the ability to access real-time system data, productivity analysis, voice and video, as well as monitoring.

The Spitfire® BPLM range is fully compatible with Nautitech® Thermal and HD Cameras and includes:

Spitfire® BPLM – creates a reliable network connection across multiple machines in order to transmit data between equipment and the surface

Super Spitfire®  – extends the communication network to work over longer distances

Wingman – enables remote monitoring, upgrade, and configuration of the network structure of all Spitfire® BPLMs

Profiler – collects and buffers data from critical vehicle components and sends it to the surface via WiFi

Wi-Fi Bubble – establishes WiFi hotspots on or near most major machinery underground for immediate mine to surface communication or access to data

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