The Nautitech® methane shut-down and start-up systems are designed to assess the concentration of methane in underground environments allowing for safe operations in potentially explosive methane rich atmospheres. Applications include mine wide usage such as environmental monitoring, shut-down and start-up on mobile plant such as diesel powered vehicles and other mining machinery.

Choose from the SIL2 certified IS CUBEx range or the original Methane Master, Australia’s leading shut-down and start-up system.

IS Methane Monitoring System

The CUBEx IS solution has been independently certified as a SIL2 IS methane shut-down, start-up, and machine condition monitoring system without the need for additional enclosures for use in hazardous environments.

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Ex d ia Methane Monitoring

Our Methane Master is the leading shut-down and start-up system in Australia. More advanced than the competition, it’s reliable and simple to install, with enhanced functionality to address the latest standards.

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