ExTREMECAM Thermal, HD (High Definition), and IR Cameras by Nautitech® can add an important element for visual monitoring within the mine site and can be used on mobile or stationery applications including Longwall, Development, mobile machines with proximity awareness systems, transfer points, loaders, graders, belt conveyors, and other heavy industrial use.

Our cameras are  built for hazardous environments and IP enabled to stream video to an alternate location via power line modem or WiFi router.

Thermal Cameras

The award winning Nautitech® Thermal Camera is not affected by environmental factors underground as it uses radiation from the far infrared region of the spectrum.

The thermal image displays workers, cables, machinery or other heat sources, allowing critical decision making in hazardous areas where human life or equipment may be at risk.

Operational benefits include:

  • Situational awareness in darkened locations
  • Monitoring heat sources (belt rollers and cables)
  • Reversing machinery in unlit locations
  • Analysing stock piles or transfer points
  • Marker band identification during cutting cycle
  • Personnel detection
  • Supports ONVIF streaming protocol
  • Increased driver visibility in low seams

Thermal cameras are invaluable for general monitoring of industrial equipment and are especially crucial when the area being monitored is concealed by environmental factors underground. Ideal for mobile or stationary applications such as Longwall, Development, mobile machinery, belt conveyors and other heavy industrial use.

HD Cameras

Nautitech® HD and IR cameras offer multiple lens options with a wide selection of video compression and resolution.

The HD camera displays high definition colour video in the visible spectrum while the IR camera is ideal for night vision as it detects infrared energy and converts it to an image.

Operational benefits include:

  • Removal of operators from hazardous, dusty areas
  • Monitoring of transfer points
  • Blind spot display (reversing)
  • Driver awareness
  • General surveillance
  • Supports ONVIF streaming protocol
  • Full compatibility with Nautitech® Displays
  • Available with optional lighting and WiFI

The ExTREMECAM HD and IR cameras are ideally suited to mobile machines such as a shuttle car, grader, man transporter, or shearer carrier, as well as Longwall, Development, belt conveyors, and other heavy industrial use. HD cameras can be fitted with built-in white LED lights for additional illumination.

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