Smart design, good engineering and great collaborations can provide the perfect solution for a competitive advantage. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we take them into consideration throughout our design process.

Thorough R&D and close customer interaction enable us to engineer what our underground mining customers need. Our engineering team consists of Electronics, Mechanical, and Software Engineers as well as Assemblers, Testers and Draftspeople. Our key capabilities include:

Concept Design

Our concepts include specifications, concept diagrams, project proposals and evaluation

Schematic Design

We have extensive experience in schematic design using an Altium designer, as well as power analysis, digital and analogue wave function

Hardware Development

Simple to multi-layer PCB design, 3D modulation and use of full 3D Mechanical and Spice integration ensures seamless design flow

Firmware Development

Our team has experience with a variety of embedded processors, and utilise RTOS, CANOpen and several other protocols to ensure fully capable growth and OEM interface.

  • Microchips family
  • ST – Cortex Family
  • IMx6
  • GNU – Compiler range

Software Development

In-house proficiency in Windows and Linux based application development as well as database design using MySQL, Dbase, Oracle and other. We are also experienced in Web based, Android, and IOS development.

Mechanical Design

Solidworks 3D Modeling and 3D printing help us to visualise the final product and our sheet metal enclosures and labels give them the finishing touch.

Additional engineering expertise includes:

  • Intrinsically Safe designs topology
  • Boot-loaders: USB, CAN, UART, SD Card
  • Communication protocols: CAN Bus, USART, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, IrDA
  • RFID (125kHz, 13.5MHz, 433MHz): Access control (Passive), Asset management (Active and passive)
  • Single board computers: Windows embedded, Linux, Android
  • Video technology: Thermal Imaging, display, human detection, High Definition Imaging