The Nautitech Field Support team in NSW, QLD and South Africa is available to provide assistance in person, over the phone, or via Skype and is happy to support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

Services include:

  • Quotes for new systems
  • Installation, repairs, maintenance & training
  • Provision of manuals
  • CODE & AS3800 service
  • NATA – CH4 sensor calibration
  • Dossier audits & compliance checks for Diesel machines
  • Audit, fault diagnosis, and repair of 3rd party installations


Installation can be done at any mine site or service centre by fully qualified, licensed Nautitech personnel.

Some of our installation expertise includes:

  • Shutdown and Start up – Methane Master and Intrinsically Safe Cubex system
  • C7 and C9 electronics engine and electronic shutdown systems
  • Cummins QSB 4.5 & 6.7L engine and electronic shutdown system
  • Thermal camera for stationary or mobile applications
  • Underground communications – Spitfire broadband powerline modems

Training and Manuals

We believe in a “learning by doing” so we encourage our customers to be hands-on and provide effective, relevant training so you know what there is to know about your system and its operation. Manuals are provided and may be referenced as needed.

Fault Finding, diagnosis, Audits, Repair of 3rd Party Installations

Nautitech systems are renowned for their reliability and ease of use, but if needed, our team is available for site visits as well as telephone and video conferencing. We are also happy to assist with audit, repair or diagnosis of 3rd party installations.


As a NATA certified lab, we are able to offer CH4 sensor calibration.

Code & 3800 Work

We are happy to assist in service and code work to ensure adherence to correct maintenance schedules and accurate use of parts.

Meet the team:

Our NSW Field Support team includes Artur Gorski and Erik Joson. Between them, these gentlemen can install, repair or produce just about anything our customers need.

The QLD Field Support team working out of Nautitech’s Mackay office includes Bruce Reilly, our very hands-on QLD State Manager, as well as field electricians Jesse Eggins and Nick Goddard. Our field team is supported in the office by Margurete Mann.

South Africa field technician Christo du Plessis is based out of Middleburg, and is a qualified electrician with nearly a decade of underground mining experience.

For any service related queries, please contact us on +61 2 9899 6857 or at the relevant email address below:

NSW and QLD:

South Africa:

General enquiries: