Over the past 20 years, Nautitech® has worked with mines and OEMs worldwide to develop products that work together to deliver optimum visibility and connectivity.

We concentrate our efforts on integrating our systems for automation. Safe, uninterrupted remote operations can only be achieved with a combination of reliable network and clear visibility.

Spitfire® Broadband Powerline Modems (BPLM)

The Spitfire® BPLM creates a dependable network between the DCB and underground equipment, then transmits the vast amounts of data it collects to the surface.

Strategic use of data has the potential for significant operational savings by increasing productivity and providing insight into critical vehicle components for asset condition monitoring.

The Spitfire® broadband capability can also transfer real-time HD and Thermal camera images from various machines underground to a control room on the surface.

ExTREMECAM HD and Thermal Cameras

Nautitech® cameras fitted on continuous miners and integrated with a Spitfire® BPLM can make real-time video available to the control room.

The image above is taken on a smartphone recording footage from a display in the control room.

CUBEx Lights

Safe automation cannot be achieved without lights to support HD cameras. Illumination studies show that just one CUBEx IS light can replace five standard flameproof lights. Nautitech® recently installed 12 CUBEx IS lights on a continuous miner making remote operations more feasible.

Nautitech® engineers design products with compatibility and simple system integration in mind. As such these automation solutions can be adapted to longwall systems, shuttle cars, feeder breakers, and other mining machinery.

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