As an engineering company and manufacturer, NAUTITECH® recognises the importance of minimising our environmental footprint and have taken steps to do so through good business practice and design. In recognition of Earth Day 2023 in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we would like to share some of the things we’ve done:

– Through our R&D process, we evaluate our engineering design to ensure maximum efficiency
– We design and manufacture everything at our head office near Sydney
– We source close to 94% of our raw material through local suppliers in NSW
– Our offices are fitted with solar panels that generate enough clean solar energy to replace 78% of our traditionally derived energy usage
– We use energy-efficient fluorescent lights in our offices
– Our NATA lab uses a single refillable gas bottle, replacing several ‘throw away’ gas cylinders
– Our ‘batch’ machine use minimises total machine running times, reducing overall running hours and warm-up and cool-down periods
– We ensure our deliveries are efficiently grouped to reduce emissions
– Our battery recycling is easy to manage as we manufacture and distribute our own batteries.
– Metal waste is recycled and reused
– Our packaging is derived from 100% recycled goods and all excess packaging – even from shipments we receive from others – is recycled and used as product buffering