On a personal level, we all appreciate the contributions of the women in our lives – mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners. They take time out to support the family, raise children, care for elderly parents and offer love, support and encouragement in times of need. Women are also responsible for many of the cultural, economic, and political achievements in this world, yet there remains a lack of gender parity when it comes to reward and representation.

Statistics show that women tend to live longer than men but accumulate less wealth to support them through their retirement years. On average, women earn 23% less than men and have fewer earning years as they take time out to raise families. As a result, they amass 42% less in retirement savings.

Recognising this disparity, Nautitech Mining Systems, led by Aga Blana, a very capable and strong woman, has taken a step to bridge the gender gap by offering all female workers at the company an extra 1% towards their Superannuation – a move that could make a significant difference for them in the long term.
As we look ahead to a more rewarding future, Nautitech would like to recognise all the smart, capable, strong women around the world and celebrate their achievements this International Women’s Day.