Nautitech® is proud to be named the 2022 Supplier of the Year at the NSW Minerals Council’s Industry and Suppliers Awards held on October 13th.

Company CEO, Mac Powolny, accepted the award with the best of NSW mining in attendance and credits the exceptional engineering and manufacturing talent in the company for its success.

As a global OTM (Original Technology Manufacturer) in the hazardous mining industry, our engineering talent is focused on harnessing technology to keep miners safe. With additional engineering and production staff, Nautitech® has grown significantly over the past two years. We are poised to provide innovative solutions for mining companies as they explore ways to optimise output and deliver value while maintaining the highest level of safety for mine workers.”

Nautitech solutions address growing trends in the industry including:

  • Shift to Intrinsically Safe equipment
  • Analytics and visualisation for data driven decision-making
  • Use of hardware for assisted automation
  • Sustainability shift towards electric vehicles

Our technology includes Methane Master monitoring and shutdown, CUBEx intrinsically safe lighting solutions, Hawkeye Quad digital smart displays, HD and thermal cameras as well as the Spitfire® range of underground communications, data and analytics products.

For more information about Nautitech®, email , or call us at (02) 9899 6857