This International Women’s Day, Nautitech would like to encourage all men to acknowledge their accomplished wife or partner, an outstanding female colleague, nurturing mother, supportive sister or a young daughter with the potential to contribute towards a better, more balanced world.

While we hear a lot about gender imbalance in Hollywood, it’s important to note that it also exists in government, industry, education, healthcare, media, and sport – virtually every profession or organisation. The Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) recently reported that on average, women in full time roles in Australia earn 14.1% less than men. This includes a superannuation gap of about $120,000 for retiring women. Nautitech continues its commitment to bridge the gender super gap by offering all female workers at the company an extra 1% towards their Superannuation, which can make a significant difference over time.

We’ve made some progress over the past few years, as the gender pay gap has decreased from 18.5% at its highest in November 2014, to 14.1% today, but there is still more that can be done to recognise the achievements of women in equal part to those of men.

Gender balance extends beyond the pay scale and the country we live in. It’s a global issue affecting businesses, governments, and communities both large and small. The responsibility lies equally with men and women to create a balanced world for our sons and daughters