A recent global study of mining organisations has found that more than 60% are hampered by lack of reliable communications networks and close to half of these struggle to successfully use the data to its full potential due to a delay in transmission between the collection point and its final destination.

Nautitech’s Spitfire BPLM provides reliable and high bandwidth for data transfer using existing trailing cables and combining with the Spitfire Wi-Fi Bubble allows mine sites to establish Wi-Fi hotspots on or near most major machinery including Continuous Miners, Longwall Shearers, Feeder Breakers, Shuttle Cars, Conveyors, and even pumps and fans.

For example, a Continuous Miner with a Wi-Fi Bubble around the machine could allow mine workers to communicate with the surface in real-time about day-to-day production challenges, while cameras within the Wi-Fi Bubble can immediately stream current images to a control room or other areas of the mine.

In fact, data within a Wi-Fi hotspot can be transmitted immediately from many of the traditional technologies including:

  • VOIP phones
  • PDAs
  • Cap Lamps
  • RF Tracking Tags
  • Nodes and Access Points
  • HD and Thermal Cameras

Immediate access to machine and site data using the Wi-Fi Bubble can provide great advantages for mine sites including efficiency and productivity improvements as well as greater safety and incident management. Benefits of Spitfire Wi-Fi Bubbles include:

  • No need for Wi-Fi infrastructure along the roadway between the DCB and machinery
  • Immediate monitoring of machine performance
  • Real-time view of workers in hazardous areas
  • Fault analysis
  • Fleet optimisation
  • Autonomous mining

The Wi-Fi Bubble is one of several powerful underground mining communications tools in Nautitech’s Spitfire range, which also includes the original Spitfire Broadband Powerline Modem (BPLM), the Super Spitfire (repeater), the Wingman (configuration tool)  and Profiler (data logger).

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