The Nautitech® Super Spitfire® has finally been granted its patent in Australia! A reliable sidekick to the Spitfire® BPLM, which is used on over 1500 machines worldwide, the Super Spitfire® extends the communications network underground to work over longer distances.

While the Spitfire® BPLM can create a reliable network connection over single sections of mining cables up to 500 metres long, the addition of a Super Spitfire® can double the transmission distance by acting as a repeater for Spitfire® data packets between the sub-station and load machines.

The Spitfire® solution provides a network link between DCBs, Continuous Miners, Shuttle Cars, Feeder Breakers, Roof Bolters, Ventilation Systems and other electrical machinery used underground.

It is fully compatible with Nautitech® Thermal and HD Cameras.

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