Remote monitoring of borehole spraying at a major coal mine in the Bowen Basin in QLD was recently conducted using Nautitech® IS Lights and HD Cameras.
In 2018, Nautitech® transformed a standard shaft liner into a flameproof version with HD Cameras, affectionately named “Sputnik”. The most recent update to Sputnik includes the installation of IS Lights for even better visibility.

Images from the shaft liner were transferred to monitors on the surface providing a clear view as shotcrete was sprayed over the entire length of a 290 metre long and 4 metre wide shaft.

Our QLD team installed the following equipment on the shaft liner:

Nautitech® lights and cameras are being used across various applications by leading mines and OEMs throughout Australia.

CUBEx IS lights are suited to mobile and stationary applications including shearers, shuttle cars, driftrunners, LHDs, graders, and feeder breakers.

ExTREMECAM flameproof HD and Thermal cameras are unaffected by environmental conditions underground and provide situational awareness for critical decision making.

Image transmission can be achieved through existing infrastructure or via the Spitfire® Broadband Powerline Modem (BPLM).

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