Nautitech® QLD recently conducted a successful test of our newly designed interface between a loader and its Proximity Detection System (PDS). The test demonstrated how the Nautitech® interface instructs the loader to apply brakes and come to a full stop when it receives a message from the PDS that a pedestrian is too close to the RTV.

As further testing of the system continues, CEO, Mac Powolny, explains that the “PDS interface uses the same functionality and is fully compatible with the company’s methane shutdown system. An easy add-on to the Methane Master CH4 monitoring system already installed on underground RTVs, the new interface is robust, reliable and easy to maintain.”

Nautitech® has partnered with another Original Technology Manufacturer (OTM) and a major QLD mine to deliver a system that can be fitted to RTVs in underground mines to protect mine workers from these large machines in motion.

For more information about the PDS interface, email or contact:

BruceReilly in QLD
DavidMcCloskey in NSW