As Technology Showcase sponsor of the 2019 Longwall Conference, Nautitech® presented the best connectivity options for environmental survival underground.

General Manager, Mac Powolny, discussed the use of the Spitfire® range of communications products to connect not just electrical equipment, but to extend data availability to Diesel equipment such as LHDs, Man Transporters, and the C9 Fleet.

Good connectivity includes:

  • Data transmission
  • Automation
  • WiFi Bubble
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Communication
  • Detection of breach of no-go zones

The benefits of connectivity have been achieved on most electrical machinery such as Longwall Shearers, Continuous Miners and Shuttle Cars, but there are potential cost efficiencies to be gained by applying this technology to Diesel equipment.

Consider the case of Man Transporters that have scheduled maintenance based on shift times rather than real-time operations. In an 8 hour shift, a transporter might only be in use for the 2 hour round-trip to the Longwall face. For the remaining 6 hours, it sits idle, yet the maintenance and overhaul schedules are based on shift hours.

The use of data logger and WiFi installed within the Methane Master enclosure can provide actual usage and allow mine sites to base maintenance schedules on real time in use – a potentially significant savings in maintenance costs. Apply that to an entire fleet and the savings could be quite substantial.

Learn more about how Nautitech® can help you gain cost efficiencies through connectivity using the Spitfire® solution.