Intrinsically Safe emergency lighting is critical when the underground environment becomes Zone 0 or in case of a power outage. When cap lamps are insufficient, CUBEx IS Lights by Nautitech® provide over five hours of emergency lighting powered by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Loss of power can lead to:

  • Insufficient visibility for safe repair/removal of hazards
  • Insufficient visibility for safe movement of personnel

CUBEx IS emergency lighting is important in the following scenarios:

✔ Around the BSL during services moves and cable retractions

✔ Illumination at the Tail Gate

✔ For replacement of damaged cables

✔ Visibility of cable area or around tethered equipment

✔ Area lighting around DCBs, conveyor drives, and switchgear

✔ Emergency evacuation lighting in egress routes

Cool running IS Lights by Nautitech® provide up to 1200 lumen output, and are specifically designed for the harsh environments underground without the need for flameproof enclosures.

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