Did you know that Nautitech has developed a Real Time Clock which can be safely installed in many applications underground? Here are some of its benefits:

  • Time stamp all operational events for accurate data review
  • Use on Longwall Shearers and Continuous Miners connected to Methane detection
  • Daisy-chain into existing CAN Bus
  • Compatible with all Nautitech systems
  • Use via CAN interface with other systems
  • IECEX Certified MSC 17.0004X

Input Parameters for use in Safe Areas  
(Um Applied)

Um = 24 VDC
I max = 300A

Input Parameters for use in Hazardous Areas
(Um Removed)

Ui = 16 VDC
Li = 3.33 A
Ci = 4.84 µF
Li = < 1 µH
Pi = 2.8 W

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