In keeping with our goal of staying current with industry developments, Nautitech®’s Managing Director, Aga Blana, recently attended the Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum (I4AMF) in Melbourne.

What exactly is Industry 4.0? It has been labelled as the 4th Industrial revolution and it is set to transform how businesses operate. Over the past 250 years industries have seen huge transformations from manual production to machinery, electrical and infrastructure improvements, the digital age, and now to modern technologies such as mobile devices, smart sensors and data analytics – all of which have led to a high degree of autonomy and a decreasing reliance on human interaction.

The I4AMF gathered heads of government, industry, and academia to analyse the effects of the fourth industrial revolution and its impacts on manufacturing, business models, workforce and education.

As an engineering company and manufacturer of products for underground mining we are very much aware that this is an industry poised to increasingly rely on smart automation and output efficiency. The Nautitech Spitfire® BPLM solution has contributed greatly in this regard across various applications including Longwall, Development and more recently with Diesel Rubber Tyre vehicles through the use of the Spitfire® Profiler.

While there is an abundance of available technology, engineering know-how and access to data, to successfully reap the benefits of Industry 4.0 requires B2B collaboration, staff upskilling and re-engineering of business process improvements. At Nautitech®, these principles are fundamental to our business as we collaborate with clients, university research departments and government organisations such as the CSIRO to assist with the transition to Industry 4.0, which will introduce new technologies that increase Australia’s economic competitiveness in the mining industry on a global scale.

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