First controllable IS flood, head, and directional lights in Australia. IEC 60079-28 compliant and certified for illumination hazard in Group I, IIB and IIIB, these versatile and robust IS Lights have been proven time and again in the field for underground mining applications including Longwall, Development, RTVs and area lighting.

The CUBEx lighting solution by NAUTITECH can typically power up 15 IS lights on a Continuous Miner and 10 IS Lights on Shuttle Cars using just one Power Supply Module. This system is scalable for up to 32 lights as needed.

Extended Code-D and power consumption as little as 300 mA at 12VDC can dramatically reduce compliance and running costs. Damage to CUBEx IS Lights does not constitute HPI (High Potential Incident).

Coloured lighting can be used for safety plans for GO | NO-GO zones where triggered lighting can designate safe access or indicate hazardous situations.

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