A quick calculation shows 70% cost savings achieved by the CUBEx IS lighting solution from NAUTITECH®

Fully illuminate a 300-metre longwall with just 75 CUBEx Area Lights and 15 Power Supply Modules (PSM) – compared to 150 IS lights and 50 IS power supplies required from other providers on the market.

How can we achieve this? CUBEx IS Lights:

  1. Provide double the brightness of other IS lights on the market so you need fewer lights
  2. Consume as little as 300 mA power at 12VDC, using fewer power supplies
  3. Require fewer inspections than Ex d lighting solutions as Code D inspections can be extended to every 6 years – dramatically reducing compliance costs

CUBEx IS Lights don’t require flameproof enclosures and are NOT considered a High Potential Incident (HPI) if damaged. They are easy to connect and terminate, and easily replaceable if required.

For more information about maximising the features of CUBEx IS Lights, contact David McCloskey in NSW or Bruce Reilly in QLD