Operational safety, particularly in underground mining, can only be achieved through clear visibility and effective communications between heavy equipment operators and those working around them.

As with all large machines there is high incident risk due to blind spots and poor visibility. Factors such as restricted driver view from lower cabin heights, poor lighting, and blind corners on cut throughs are a real challenge. While it isn’t recommended practice, operators still drive by feel which could lead to accidents or damage from machine and rib collision.

Nautitech® have a history of supplying the underground mining industry with a full range of Thermal and HD cameras – some with built in bright lighting. Paired with rugged displays the Nautitech® cameras provide operators with an extra pair of “eyes” when manoeuvring through complicated spaces. Extensively used on Shuttle Cars, recent installations have also included Graders, LHDs & Man Transporters.

The Nautitech ExTREMECAM camera range installed on diesel and development fleets has been a proven solution for increased blind spot safety for those working around heavy equipment in underground mines. Components include an HD, IR, or Thermal Camera paired with a Hawkeye 3.5” display or the Hawkeye Quad 7” display which will be available soon!

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